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Ten Key Charts that will broaden your looking glass!
All interactive charts produced by the Federal Reserve Board in St Louis.  
Charts are automatically updated by FRED to reflect most current information.
Click on the underlined chart you want to see or take the tour.

Balance Sheet
Federal Debt and liability to population.

    Federal ​Surpluses and Deficits:
    Total Debt as a % of GDP:
    Federal Debt and Population Growth:

Income Statement
Employment Picture

    Employment as a % of Population:
    Real Median Income:
    Personal Debt and Mortgages Owned:

Cash Flows
Federal Reserve Monetary Policies

    Monetary Base
    Interest Rates
    Velocity of Money

Money creation and stock inflation

    Money Supply and the S&P 500
As we all get bombarded with economic news on the radio, television and the internet, many times the news releases seem to be conflicting and contradictory.  I have selected ten charts that demonstrate the underpinnings of our nations economy.  

Debts, Income and Population Growth:   As any good financial analyst would do, first take a look at our balance sheet and income statement of your Federal Government.    Identify what we owe, how fast it is growing and the likelihood of it increasing.

Employment Picture:   Second, let's examine the drivers of our economy, the general populace that works and pays taxes.

Federal Reserve Monetary Policies:   Next, put into prospective what the Federal Reserve has been creating with their various monetary policies of quantitative easing.

Money Supply versus the S&P 500:   Lastly, let's keep an eye on a broad stock index, the S&P 500, to track changes in Fed Policies of money creation and the effect it has on equities. As we monitor this last chart together, it should be an early indication as to the markets confidence level.  The  Fed's "Taper" begins this month of October, 2014 and no more new money is created!
If you see unnatural events taking place in these charts, exponential growth where there should not be, activity levels below long term trends, or question the ability of citizens to service their personal debt, as well as governmental debt, then you need to develop a plan for asset protection.  

Through a process tracking personal cash flow, debt management and an appropriate allocation of your investment portfolio into alternative investments, you may be reducing  your exposure to the ebbs and flows of money creations and debt bondage.  

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